If you've been taking a look at my site or my YouTube channel, you may have noticed that my reviews have been looking distinctly alphabetical recently. So, what's up with that?

Well, I tend to buy books ahead of time (specifically when there's a sale on), and I usually get them and then read through them a lot faster than I can put up a video. Hence I've got a big back-log of Manga that I'd like to talk about, but haven't yet. And I may as well start going through this alphabetically, because why not?

So, you may ask, is this some sort or crusade to try and review every single Manga series that has ever been released, starting with the letter A? My answer is: oh, heck no. As much as I would like to do that, there's only so many books that I can get hold of and only so much time I can put into the site.

In fact it's not even going to be a quest to try and review all of the most popular titles. The reason for this is, while I don't get that much feedback from people, from what little I do get I I've learnt that no-one likes it when I try to review a series that I didn't get. My reviews of Rebirth and Recast are probably good examples of that; I only read the first volume in each series, put up a review anyway, and ultimately I think I only wasted my time because they weren't useful to anyone. If I feel I didn't understand a series I'll of course still mention it, I just won't give it a full review.

I've also taken the time to revamp my YouTube channel after the new site-redesign. The list of recent reviews is now at the bottom left, and has more space in the new design. I've added playlists on the right which match up to the genres and classifications on commanga.com, meaning that if you want to browse videos of a certain type you don't have to keep jumping between the two sites.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find how to do channel comments in the new design. Sorry about that; I do miss them, but you can always work around it by leaving a comment on a video instead.

The general idea is to catalogue at least some of what's out there. Maybe I've told you about a series that you never knew existed. Maybe you knew about it but were just looking for another opinion. Either way, I hope I've been some help. Anyway, please do keep watching and keep commenting.