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Fair Dealing/Fair Use of Images

To give readers a better understanding of the look and feel of Comics featured on this site, and to give readers a look at the visual style of the artist or artists, most articles include a few pictures from the Comic they cover.

The video reviews feature a few actual pages, usually taken from the beginning of the Comic, to give the viewer a very small sample of the Comic.

These images are included for the purpose of review, and remain the copyright of their respective owners.


Open Source Fonts

The three fonts found on this site (Andika by Annie Olsen, Patrick Hand by Patrick Wagesreiter, and Philosopher Jovanny Lemonad) are used under an open source license from


Music in the Public Domain

The brief snippet of music that plays at the start and/or end of most videos is from From the New World by Antonín Dvoƙák. For more details, or to get this music yourself, please visit Musopen.