While technically the word Comic includes Manga in its definition, I think most people tend to think of Comic Books and Manga as separate things.

In general, Westerners tend to produce Comics which are classed as Comic Books, and the Japanese tend to produce Comics which are classed as Manga.

However the actual difference between these two classifications is paper thin, and there are plenty of cases of someone from the East/West marketing their Comics as Comic Books/Manga respectively.

I'm of the opinion that, assuming the team translating a foreign work into English have done their job well, it shouldn't make a difference which country something comes from.


Dr. McNinja

When you first hear about it, the concept of a ninja-doctor will probably make no sense whatsoever. That and most of the plot. What does a ninja-doctor actually do?

Well, action comedy of course!

Posted Tuesday 10th November 2009 by Crazy Choco

Evil inc.

You would think that covering something that has been done to death would not be a good idea, but paradoxically for a comedy it works quite well.

Posted Tuesday 1st September 2009 by Crazy Choco

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy stars Torg, a goofy young man who is often between jobs, Riff, an inventor whose inventions tend to drive or at least trigger most of the plot-lines, and Bun Bun, a violent, slightly misanthropic, badass anti-hero who just happens to be a small lop rabbit.

Posted Tuesday 11th August 2009 by Crazy Choco