Welcome! I review Japanese/Korean style Comics (aka Manga) that are in English. These could be foreign Comics with an English translation, or English comics done in the Manga-style.

I do both video and written reviews; you can see the video reviews on my YouTube channel or at the top of each article.

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New Website!

Hello there to everyone watching my YouTube videos! Now you're listening, I would just like to take this opportunity to say, "I've got a brand shiny new website! Go take a look at my website!" I'd also like to say hello to everyone reading my blog.

Posted Sunday 20th June 2010 by Crazy Choco

We Shadows

We Shadows is an Original English Manga, but one so twisted it leaves most of Japan's offerings in the dust. Prepare to meet talking horses, characters talking entirely in rhyme and talking mushrooms.

Posted Saturday 5th December 2009 by Crazy Choco

Zatch Bell!

The basic staple of Zatch Bell is action. If someone were to flip open any book in the series, then they'd find that it's mostly action. If you don't like action, then don't even bother with this series, it's that simple.

Posted Thursday 3rd December 2009 by Crazy Choco

Demon Diary

Most of the main characters in this story are very silly. Their goofy and provocative actions are constantly flying in the face of the dangerous and serious setting, and yet they always get away with it.

Posted Wednesday 2nd December 2009 by Crazy Choco