Almost the opposite of Horror and dark humour, I class anything that is very light-hearted in nature as Whacky.

Light-hearted stories often don't take much mental effort to read, and often let their characters go "out of character" for jokes. However there is only so far a reader's suspension of disbelief can be pushed before a comic starts to feel like they make no sense.

Whacky Comics tend to avoid being pinned down and will often cross into other genres as they see fit, so if I class a Comic as Whacky then expect to see a lot of the other genres appearing briefly.


Vampire Doll

Vampire Doll  goes everywhere. There are action stories, comedy stories, feel-good stories, sad stories, romance stories, and probably a few more I've missed listing.

Posted Monday 9th November 2009 by Crazy Choco

Van Von Hunter

The titular character, Van himself, has a mission in life. He hunts down evil... stuff. If that description sounds a bit silly and vague, then it suits both the character and the style of the book.

Posted Wednesday 30th September 2009 by Crazy Choco