I class Action as anything which focuses action sequences.

Some people love action sequences and some settings just call out for them! However, action sequences tend to burn through pages without much plot progression if done badly. (Poorly paced action sequences are a big peeve of mine; I'll be sure to call them out!)


Murder Princess

Murder Princess is mostly an action story, but the action is generally well paced and mixes in quite well with character development and plot progression. The characters are all slightly unrealistic and very slightly crazy.

Posted Saturday 10th October 2009 by Crazy Choco


Put simply, Saiyuki is a typical Action Manga. The four main protagonists could loosely be called “heroes”, and face off against another group of what look like “villains”, until another group betray the first group and become the “real” villains.

Posted Tuesday 1st September 2009 by Crazy Choco

Venus vs Virus

Venus Versus Virus really seems to be about cliches. The series has a few very good ideas, surrounded by a layer of cliches.


Posted Sunday 28th November 2010 by Crazy Choco

Zatch Bell!

The basic staple of Zatch Bell is action. If someone were to flip open any book in the series, then they'd find that it's mostly action. If you don't like action, then don't even bother with this series, it's that simple.

Posted Thursday 3rd December 2009 by Crazy Choco