Rather than attempt to hide it, when talking about a Comic I'll tell you how much of a series I have actually read. How much exactly will be displayed in italics at the very top of the article.

If I've not read that much then I'll do an "initial impressions" write-up, which is not a full review of a series but covers my thoughts on what I've read so far. These may not be fair if the series improves or gets even worse over time.


Star Trek the Manga

Probably the thing that I like most about each chapter is that while the cast all seem as they were, the plot-lines are all slightly updated for the current age. What do I mean by that? I mean putting the crew of the enterprise up against an anime-style super villain. I mean putting the enterprise up against a small army of giant mecha.

Posted Sunday 8th May 2011 by Crazy Choco

The First King Adventure

First King Adventure is aimed at a very young audience. However after reading it myself, I didn't feel that it being aimed at kids is going to put off an older reader. Unfortunately the poor pacing will do that instead.

Posted Tuesday 1st September 2009 by Crazy Choco